If you or your child are facing some life challenges and need some assistance in reaching your goals, SOTH may be the support you or your family member may need.

 These Challenges Could Be But Not Limited to the Following:                   

Feeling Depressed or Sad  

Going Through a Divorce

Marital Problems

Grief or Loss 

Substance Abuse


Multiple School Suspensions, or Expulsion    


Difficulty Concentrating or Completing Assignments   

Struggles with Anger, Aggression, or Fighting                                    

Bullies Others          

Low Self-Esteem          

Often Hyperactive or Lack Self Control      

Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors  

 And Many Other Challenges

Want to Make An Appointment? 

You must first fill out a Request for Service Form, which can be completed in the office, over the phone by calling 501-414-0070 or by fax to 501-414-0069. After the receipt of the request for service form, a staff personnel will contact you to schedule the initial appointment for intake assessment. All Medicaid and Private insurance clients must have an approved referral from his/her Primary Care Physician prior to any service being rendered.  Clients without insurance may receive services through our self pay program. This program allows clients to pay for services on a sliding fee scale which is based on the client/client's guardian income.

Who Can Make A Request for Services?

Anyone may make a request for themselves or on the behalf of another, which includes, teachers, school counselors, principals, and extended family members. However, if under the age of 18, the child's guardian must be present for the intake process and agree to participate in treatment.

Don't hesitate to call and talk with one of our professionals if you have any questions or concerns regarding services offered. We would gladly answer your questions.

Call: 501-414-0070 or email info@stateoftheheartinc.com